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Rewards for Inviting New Members

Well, Epsilon Community is looking to grow and to give incentive to current members. This is in the form of 15,000 Sat(oshi’)s or more accurately 0.00015000BTC Bitcoin. 15,000 is around £1.82GBP / $2.24USD per person you bring into the Discord Server. We as a community would like for people in our community to have experience with Bitcoin. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask anything! (See our Donation Bitcoin Wallet here: https://mempool.space/address/bc1qzn7z0upd230nvqpk8mz8tz2p50xnfu4putxypw)

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Welcome to the new Epsilon – Epsilon 3.0

Introduction This is our third iteration of our community. Evolving to new growth to allow for a better community experience. Looking to get involved with Epsilon, check out: What 3.0 means for our members. With the move to 3.0, comes our web3.0 outlook on the community. Becoming involved with the Cryptocurrency space, specifically Bitcoin, to allow for our members to learn and get information from ourselves, the writers. Donations With 3.0 and web3.0 We’ll be accepting Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies USE: https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/fa4aafff-0743-4a2a-bfa2-7a105e66f03e AND/OR: https://checkout.opennode.com/p/48bf986d-9d0b-453e-8fab-a9c6869abf2c to donate via Cryptocurrencies.

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